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Love + Light Social helps social entrepreneurs increase their income & global impact through customer-conscious, story-based, digital marketing.

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If you want a better return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook or Instagram...

If you want to increase conversions, sell out your program & products or fill your event...

Then you need a winning digital marketing strategy that speaks to the heart of your audience...

And consistently & authentically attracts the right people & inspires them to action.

more impact

Far too many conscious entrepreneurs...

Believe in making a positive impact on the world in a holistic, authentic, heart-centered & sustainable way...

But throw that all out of the window when it comes to marketing online & building "funnels".

We create transformational, empathy-driven marketing campaigns that make a real, positive impact on the people you serve.

more inspiring work

All the success in the world means nothing if you're not doing work that fills you up.

If you're thriving financially, but are feeling exhausted or low on ikigai.

We help you share your story in a more meaningful & impactful way...

So that you can stay in the flow of your core genius & fully-embody your truth & core mission -- without having to manage or figure out the "marketing stuff".

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Facebook™ & Instagram Advertising

You’re already spending money on FB/IG ads… 

You might as well use a proven strategy to increase ROI and get better results.

And if you’ve hit “pause” on your ads? 

The time to relaunch was yesterday. Let us show you why.

High Converting

The best performing ads in the world mean NOTHING if you can’t get your website to convert.

Quit flushing traffic and money down the drain.

Let us show you how to improve conversions, increase online sales, and grow your empire.

Conversion-Optimized Branding

Your brand isn’t a bunch of colors, an overpriced logo, or some long-winded catchphrase that you made up.

Your brand is what your customers say it is.

We dive deep into the heart & language of your customers to communicate your brand in a way that resonates & drastically improves conversions.

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