3 Keys to a TRUE FB Funnel

3 Keys to a TRUE FB Funnel

Think you’ve got a sales funnel in place?

Think again!

Today I’m breaking down the 3 key characteristics of a TRUE Facebook™ Sales Funnel — one that stands the test of time.

Chances are, you’ve heard about funnels — top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom funnel…

And it’s true at a basic level…

A funnel has a top, middle, and bottom.

Just like a burger has a top, bottom, and a juicy delicious center…

(Like the 100% plant-based burgers we had at Next Level Burgers the other day.

Literally salivating as I write this…)

But I digress.

The funnel…

See, your funnel can have all the right parts it needs to, but it could still suck…

It could still not bring you the attention, traffic, and return you need.

That’s because for a sales funnel to TRULY work, it MUST have these 3 key characteristics…

Key #1: A true sales funnel is Evergreen.

Yes, evergreen, like those trees that stay green year round.

You’ll know if your funnel isn’t evergreen if:

  • You’re constantly putting up ads or refreshing your creative…
  • Your ads never maintain their performance.

One month you’re at a 2x Return on Ad spend, the other you’re at 10 X, the next you’re at a 0.7…

And you’re on this constant hamster wheel of trying to stabilize sales.

See, a true sales funnel builds a foundation of sales for you.

It’s not built around discounts or time-sensitive campaigns, like 12 days of Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, “New Collection” drops, or new products.

When you set the foundation up right — in an evergreen way, those promotional campaigns are just a spike.

And the spike is more of a bonus instead of the whole backbone– like the cherry on top instead of the whole vegan ice cream cone.

(Nadamoo, or coco-whip w/almond butter anyone?)

That’s just my hunger talking again!

Key #2: A true sales funnel is Branded.

What do you do when your competitors start copying your ads (if they’re not already)?

Violent answer: You CRUSH THEM.

Cruelty-free, vegan, non-violent answer: You brand your sales funnel.

Let me explain…

Non-branded funnel ads are more like the following:

“20% off SUMMER SALE – BUY NOW!”

“You forgot something in your cart, checkout now and get 30% off!”

Branded funnel ads highlight what makes you different.

Like the brand positioning statements I wrote for brands below…

“Certified Organic and cruelty-free beauty products ethically produced in East Anglia with recyclable packaging.” – written for Austin Austin Organics

“The World’s First Electric Hover Board with up to an 18mi range.” – written for Onewheel XR

“Energy-Crystal-Inspired Organic Skincare for boosting your self love rituals” – written for Herbivore Botanicals

See the difference?

Non-branded ad copy, creative, and funnels are easily copied.

Branded funnels lean on the UNIQUENESS of your brand — not on some generic statement or discount.

Key #3: A true sales funnel is Scalable

Meaning the more money you put into it, the more money it brings back to you.

Without going into too much technical detail, this all has to do with your funnel foundation and structure. (Like what we talked about in key #1).

It’s like stacking cards…

Try to stack cards without a foundation, and they’ll fall.

Try to stack cards in weird shapes, and they’ll fall.

We don’t want your empire to fall, we want it to GROW.

And the only way that’s possible is if you have a proven, funnel foundation that can easily and predictably scale and grow.

So there you have it!

The 3 key characteristics of a TRUE Facebook Sales funnel.

To recap…

A true sales funnel is:

  • Evergreen — stand the test of time
  • Branded — speaks to your uniqueness and can’t be easily copied
  • Scalable — the more you spend, the more you get in return

When your funnel has these 3 characteristics in place, you can confidently, consistently, and predictably grow your brand.

You can fund your global expansion, reach the masses, and change the world.

Now, I’d like to know from you, do you have a TRUE funnel in place?

And if not, what did you find most valuable from this post? What will you implement first?

Leave it in the comments below, or join our private facebook community here to be part of the conversation.

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