An organic, non-toxic, natural haircare brand for women gets 9.71x return on Facebook™ ad spend while rolling out to Sallys Beauty Nationwide and giving back through Step Up For Mental Health.  


the mission

Improving the lives of curly-haired, busy women, by creating an organic, non-toxic, and natural haircare line that’s ethically-made and gets you gorgeous hair in 30 minutes or less.

The Initiative

step up for mental health

Step Up For Mental Health is an organization on a “…mission is to support, educate and provide services to empower families living with the challenges of mental health disorders.” 

Naturalicious partners with Step Up to provide employment opportunities for people suffering form mental health disorders so they may support themselves and their families. 


the objective

Naturalicious was growing through word-of-mouth and online sales, but with more competition entering the marketplace their return on ad spend took a hit and made Facebook™ ads unprofitable.

We were brought in to turn their Facebook™ ads around, increase ROAS, and make it a profitable channel for growth.


facebook™ ads

We used our proprietary Customer Conscious Marketing Strategy to help Naturalicious see as high as a 9.71x return on ads spend in less than 30 days.

Before rolling out any new Facebook ad campaigns, we conducted an in-depth audit of: FB ad account, Google Analytics, Shopify, Klaviyo, site load speeds, FB pixel performance — the whole nine!

From there, we conducted a competitor analysis and in-depth customer research, and rolled out some FB ad campaigns.

We told her story, identified questions preventing her customers from buying, and created ads that work.

Basically, instead of interrupting people with “buy now” & discount ads…

We led with the brand story, using compelling copy & creative that we derived from direct customer research.

Before After
Before After

Methodology (continued)

branding that converts

We took what was working on Facebook™ and leveraged it to redesign and launch a new, beautiful, conversion-optimized website for Naturalicious.

The results speak for themselves. 

Before After

Methodology (continued)

conversion optimization

It’s rare for a new campaign to hit it off right away.

But with our scientific approach, consistent testing, and persistence, we were able to skyrocket Facebook™ ad performance to as high as 9.71x ROAS.

Before After


thoughts from our client

"On a scale of 1 - 10, I'm at an 11!
Thank you"
Gwen J.
CEO of Naturalicious

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