An organic & non-toxic self-care brand doubles return on ad spend through Facebook™ Ads while raising money for local charities.


the mission

Provide women with a curated collection of pure, natural, and non-toxic beauty & skin-care products so that they may heal & prevent chronic conditions like food allergies, autoimmune disorder, and Lyme disease.

The Initiative

healthy children

Estela, founder of Switch2Pure, suffered from food allergies, autoimmune disorders, and even Lyme disease and healed herself by eliminating toxins from her beauty and skincare products.

She’s committed to supporting organizations that aim to help children get and stay healthy so they never have to go through what she did.

“We know children are our future and we never, ever take health for granted. We love to support organizations who help children achieve a working knowledge rooted in healthy lifestyle choices.”


the objective

Switch2Pure was growing through word-of-mouth and in-person pop up shops, but was struggling to grow online.

They’d worked for over a year with another agency to try to use Facebook™ ads to grow online, but none of their efforts were proving profitable.

We were brought in to support the online growth of the brand.


facebook™ ads

We used our proprietary Customer Conscious marketing strategy to help Switch2Pure double their return on ad spend in less than 45 days of working with us.

Before rolling out any new Facebook ad campaigns, we conducted an in-depth audit of Switch2Pure: FB ad account, Google Analytics, Shopify, Mailchimp, site load speeds, FB pixel performance — the whole nine!

We also had a secret shopper shop the site so that we could spot any issues or bottlenecks in the customer experience.

From there, we conducted a competitor analysis and in-depth customer research.

While we conducted our research, we got the Facebook™ ads that were already running to perform 2.2x better — without launching a single new ad.

Basically, instead of throwing up ads one after the other, we applied our scientific optimization methodology, analyzed the data, and got results.

Plus with higher-quality traffic hitting the site (and some minor tweaks), we also saw an 87% increase in website conversion rate.

Before After


thoughts from our client

Doubled revenue per Facebook ad dollar invested in 60 days.
"I can finally stop spinning my wheels!"
Estela C.
Organic Skincare + Wellness eCom Entrepreneur

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